Deputy Sheriff (Patrol): Non-Certified & Certified/Experienced/Lateral

Lancaster County Sheriff's Office | Lancaster, SC

Posted Date 3/07/2024

$58,300 with Bachelor's Degree* (Doesn't include paid holidays or Training)

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$55,000 without degree/ $56,500 (AS) / $58,300 (BS) / $59,950 (MA) annual
Academy Graduate:
$$55,000 (Prestigeous JP Strom Award Recipient will receive 5% over for $57,750 and may receive new take-home patrol vehicle) annual
Lateral Transfer:
$$55,000 - $74,800 annual
Top Pay:
$$74,800 (Without Rank) annual

Job Description

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is looking to hire and retain dynamic people interested in the profession and career of law enforcement. We are seeking individuals wanting to serve communities with outstanding moral virtue and integrity.

++New to Policing or Law Enforcement++?

If you have always been interested in pursuing a career of becoming a police officer/ deputy sheriff, we offer you a home and family to join with an outstanding and rewarding career. We offer many exciting opportunities and career paths, often not available with smaller agencies and ample opportunity for growth. We serve a rapidly growing population and are committed to providing the very best professional services in a timely manner. We truly care about our community and those who reside, work, and visit in our county.

++Been there, looking for a change++?

Perhaps you are a certified officer from elsewhere in the State of South or North Carolina, we would love to speak to you and add you to our ranks of highly driven and dynamic men and women. We compensate and reward you for your years of honorable service if you hold a valid certification that is equivalent to a certification from the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy. Check our Career Ladder Pay Scale to see where you will be implemented.

++Why Consider LCSO and what sets us apart++?


Lancaster County is an adjacent county to the City of Charlotte, NC. We are part of the metropolitan area and as a result offer many excellent restaurants, entertainment venues, convenience to parks, trails, rivers, and other natural areas with only a couple hour drive to the Blue Ridge Mountains or the coastline where many famous beaches are located.

Our location makes us an ideal place to live, work, and enjoy life. We are close to one of the largest cities in the nation, but far enough away to enjoy suburban and rural life if you and your family are looking for a piece of mind free from the busy city life.

Our region boasts some of the very best public schools in the State of South Carolina and are ranked among the best nationally. This area offers an excellent work/life balance only further enhanced by the fixed schedules of day or night shift that is comprised of 14-16 days a month work schedule (Patrol and Corrections).


Effective July 2nd, 2023

Deputy Sheriff:

$55,000-$60,500 (Less than 2 Years)

AS + 3%, JP Strom 5%, BS + 6%, MA + 9%

Deputy First Class:

$57,750-$63,250 (2 - 4 Years)

$59,400-$64,900 (4 - 6 Years)

AS + 3%, BS + 6%, MA + 9%

*Lance Corporal: *

$66,000-$71,500 (6 - 8 Years)

Senior Deputy:

$68,200-$73,700 (8 - 10 Years)

Master Deputy:

$70,950-$74,800 (10 or More Years)

Corporal (Supervisor):

Competitive position appointed through promotional process.

$67,100-$72,600 (Less than 5 Years)

$70,400-$75,900 (More than 5 years Cpl. Or 8 years overall)

Investigator I:

Competitive Position appointed through promotional process.



Competitive position appointed through promotional process.

$72,600-$78,100 (Less than 5 years Sgt.)

$79,200-$84,700 (More than 5 years Sgt. or 10 years overall)

Investigator II:

$69,300-$75,900 (Must Have 5 years of experience as an Investigator I)

Investigator III:

$73,700-$80,300 (Must Have 10 years of experience as an Investigator)


· We are One of the Highest Paid Agencies in the Carolinas.

*We Honor Certified Years of Service from other States and Agencies in our Career Ladder (Call to inquire how!)

· Fixed Schedules – NO flipping or rotating (Better for health and wellness and circadian rhythm)

· Work between 14-16 days a month on 12.25-hour shifts; leaves ample time for family and personal life.

  • Ex. October 2023 has a 31-day cycle.
  • * 16 Total Working Days
  • * 15 Total Days Off

· Breakdown of Two-Week Schedule:

o 2 Days On (M/T)

o 2 Days Off (W/R)

o 3 Days On (F/Sa/Su)

o 2 Days Off (M/T)

o 2 Days On (W/R)

o 3 Days Off (F/Sa/Su)

· Paid Monthly Training Day

· Deputies can often work in the District they reside in or are closest to in residency.

· Above and Beyond Required Training in the State

· Competitive Benefits

· SC Police Retirement

· Take-Home Marked Patrol Vehicle (Annual projected $7,000 to $9,000 savings on your personal vehicle’s wear and tear/gas)

· Provided Uniforms and Equipment (Outer Vest Carrier)

· Training Uniform Provided

· Boot Allowance

· Tattoos and Facial Hair allowed (Within policy)

· Modern Vehicle Fleet with ToughBooks or other MDT/MDC’s

· Plate Armor & Helmet for Active Shooter Carrier in addition to ballistic vest and up-armored trauma plate

· Patrol and Select Units are issued Rifles in addition to 9mm Glock Service Pistols

· We have limited open positions and do not run short like many other agencies.

  • This means you will work with several partners and have available backup

· Near unlimited Extra Duty Assignment opportunities ($40 p/hour min. average)

· Paid Holidays (12 Hours)

· Paid Annual Leave & Sick Time (Accrued Bi-Weekly)

· Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

· Available modern gym at Sheriff’s Office

· Many other fringe benefits.



o Street Crimes Unit (Special Ops)

o K9

o Traffic

o Drone

o S.W.A.T.

o Negotiator

Support Services

o Community Policing Officer

o Opioid Officer

o School Resource Officer

o Animal Control Officer (Same Pay Scale and Armed w/Take Home Vehicle)


o Criminal Investigator (Detective)

  • Federal TFO’s (Task Force Officers)

o Narcotics Investigator

o Crime Scene Investigator

Additional Information


This is an agency based on grassroots ethos with an eye to the future and a hand firmly secured to the values of our past. We employ some of the best people in today’s law enforcement who are dedicated and interested in providing apex police service to the public.

We deploy some of the most modern technologies available to law enforcement to further our mission and assist our personnel. We are blessed to be supported by our communities and work hard to sustain our strong relationships and legitimate friendships. Our relationships are not built on convenience, but on the genuine desire to improve the quality of life for our residents and those in our county.

We strive to make daily progress and be good stewards of trust with an underlining of absolute transparency and honest communication. If you ever wanted to be part of a team or family of law enforcement officers you could stand proudly with that will not compromise the values or integrity you possess, look no further.

Join our ranks today and be proud to serve in this noble profession.

Mission Statement

To provide efficient, innovative and professional law enforcement services tailored to the needs of individual communities to improve their quality of life and keep them safe.

Vision Statement

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office will become the statewide standard in policing through our commitment to excellence, professionalism and education.



Job Requirements

  • Age: 21+
  • Education: High School Diploma/GED & Higher Degrees welcome and Rewarded with Pay Bonus 3/6/9% OVER Salary
  • Experience: None Needed, experienced law enforcement officers are welcome to apply from any State. Must be a South Carolina Resident by time of appointment if certified. the time of enrollment in academy (New to LE) or by the time of

Contact Information

Sgt. Gillespie


Lancaster County Sheriff's Office

1941 Pageland Highway

Lancaster, South Carolina 29720

phone: 803-416-7670

Salary55,000.00 - 74,800.00 Annual
Police | Corrections
Highest Educational Degree Required
High school diploma or equivalent
Job Type
Entry Level | Academy Graduate | Lateral Transfer | Top Pay

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